The Importance of Cat Beds

Here is an article that will explain the importance of Cat Beds. It’s no secret that cats love to sleep – so not getting a cat bed for your kitty makes no sense at all. If your cat sleeps most of the day, don’t you think he should do it in style?

sleeping cat


What kind of cat bed you get is a bit more challenging from Kitty Condos to Pod Cat Beds and all sorts of cat beds in between.

The luxury cat bed gives your cat a comfortable space at home, and you can enjoy its beautiful design at the same time!

Luxury cat beds provide the ultimate relaxation for your cat. Cats are nurturing and want a comfortable place to sleep, rest and sleep. The luxury cat bed is an essential and permanent place for your cat. It can be charming when your cat is in the room with you. Have a look at how your cat enjoys its cat bed, and this piece of furniture will immediately become part of your interior. As a visual aspect is also considered, a luxurious cat bed from Top Dog Babies is a real addition to its unique design. For an outstanding design cat bed, you have come to the right place!

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Cat Bed Design

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Cats always make us happy. They always have a sense of belonging and companionship, and we want to keep our cat friends healthy and happy. Some kitties sleep 18 hours a day, so it’s important to choose the right cat bed.

Some cats prefer to sleep on a sofa or chair. In this case, you can choose a blanket or leave the furniture to keep hair from your sofa or chair, which will delight you and your frame.

Cats love sleeping in warm, cosy places and often prefer to sleep in your own bed. Giving yourself a bed will solve the problem, and you and your cat will sleep more peacefully.

Another thing you can be sure of when buying your cat’s bed is to find a distorted and removable cover. With most cats filtering slowly, this can help control the cat hair in your home.

Some common cat beds

Lets take a look at some common beds shown below, each showing a description.

· Cardboard cat beds

Want your cat to lie in cardboard boxes? Take her favourite napping space to a stylish new level! This isn’t your average box, and these intricate cardboard cat beds feature scenes from the world along with famous landmarks. The beds are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, which makes our work very green and clean. Glue is not used, which allows for easier and faster recycling of the product after use. ”

· Hanging cat beds

With its modern design, this cat bed offers an elegant way to kick back your kitty and relax! The design seeks to tackle classical pet furniture and can be integrated into any living space.

· Pod Cat Beds

Pod-shaped beds look for a little privacy while cats sleep. Because cats prefer to get into private, covered, pod-style cat beds, it is designed to give kitties a secret nipping spot. They both seem to be curious about the openings, and we often hear kitties spend hours in bed. People like high-quality cotton fabric from quilting manufacturers.

· Window Cat Beds

These cat beds are attached to your windows with suction cups, making your kitty sleepy while watching the world. These mattresses are perfect for a cat attracted by a bird feeder or traffic on your neighbouring street.

· Condo Cat Beds

Is your kitty looking for a bed that he can hide away from the world? If so, Kitty Condo might be the perfect fit for nap time. These beds encourage “hide and seek” – a game most kitties enjoy the most. This condo bed is also an ideal bed for shy cats who need a little privacy from going home busy.

· Traditional Cat Beds


cat bed

If your Kittie prefers a simple place to sleep, the Traditional bed will be the best match for your kitty. These beds are available in a variety of colours to fit any home, are easily washable and can be moved to different parts of your home, depending on your cat’s baiting preferences.

Some surprising health benefits of Cat beds:

Here we can take a look at the health benefits of using them. Each has a description describing the detail.

1. Instant comfort.

The cat bed on the right provides good weight distribution and support for your cat’s muscles and joint while you sleep.

2. Optimal temperature control options for all seasons.

Remember that the best bed in winter is not the best bed for the hot summer months. Consider your light and breathable bed for your cat in the summer and for the doll, a warm nest in winter.

3. Helps with potential skin problems.

Short hair and large cat breeds, rubbing elbows in aggressive areas can lead to sores. Cat beds can relieve such stress when your kitty is sleeping and resting.

4. To control arthritis.

Unfortunately, rheumatoid arthritis is a very common problem in older cats. According to the latest data, about 90% of cats over the age of 12 have arthritis. The cat bed on the right provides bone support to relieve pressure on achy joints. A raised bed can be more comfortable for cat cats to get in and out of.


Lastly our final verdict is, a cat bed is great because it makes them feel safe and secure, giving them a sense of ownership.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the importance of cat beds. Visit our shop to buy Cat Essentials:

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for all these reasons to get a cat bed, I’d never really considered it because while I was growing up my (very strange) cat would only ever sleep in her bed (that we had specifically for her) after she’d been in a fight.

    For all normal snoozing purposes she seemed to prefer a laundry basket of dirty clothes waiting to go in the washing machine. She only accidentally landed in the machine once – and fortunately we noticed before any water or soap got added!

    I will definitely look into getting a cat specific bed based on the advantages that you have laid out.

    Thanks for the advice!

  • Thanks for sharing, My cat likes to sleep on the sofa, I think it is time to get her a nice bed.

  • Great article, never even thought about searching if people designed fancy cardboard beds. Definitely going to get one !!!!!

  • Great post! As a self-proclaimed crazy cat guy, I approve of this message!
    The best part about cats is when you’ve brought home a beautiful new cat bed, and it immediately goes to sleep in your old gym bag… ungrateful b**tards! 😉

  • Ok so I’ve had cats in my house for as long as I’ve known myself and somehow I never knew that cat beds bring so much to the table wow! But also, any advice for someone who’s bought their cats a billion beds and they still sleep on the floor? You know, I’m not saying it’s me but it’s kinda driving me insane haha

    • Top Dog Babies
      19th April 2020 7:20 pm

      Its a hard one still we do our best to advise and offer cat beds on sale that we think your cat will love however the nature of your cat plays a big part ! One we cannot advise one (even though we’d love to be able too!) Top Dog Babies Team 🙂

  • Thank you for your article. I found myself in a difficult position of where my cat does not want to sleep in any beds and tried a few makes and models. She loves card boards but they don’t look very nice. I am glad to find out that there are card boards beds that look more fashionable. Thank you for sharing.

    Kind regards,


  • I have a small dog and for a change, I decided to read this article. It was well written and surprisingly fun to read. I loved it so much the idea of getting a cat also, is starting to grow back in my mind. Very well done.

    • Top Dog Babies
      28th April 2020 9:04 pm

      Good Evening, we ae glad you enjoyed our article. I’m sure you could find a cat that your dog would also get along with. They could be great company for each other too! Kind Regards

  • Murray C Walker
    28th April 2020 5:47 pm

    This is interesting, Jason. I had no idea most cats over 12 were plagued with Arthritis. I’ve got a Siamese that usually just sleeps on the sofa, but maybe it’s time I got her something more comfy. The window cat bed is probably a good option, because she spends half her life gazing out the window. Thanks for the info!

    • Top Dog Babies
      28th April 2020 9:03 pm

      Good Evening, firstly thank you for leaving a comment on our article. We are glad you enjoyed reading it and also we are super happy that you learnt something new. Yes that would be a great option for her! Kind Regards

  • Hey!
    Thanks a lot for all the information. I bumped into your post because I’m thinking about adopting a cat! I’ve never had a cat before and I never imagined the importance of cat beds. I think I’ll go for a modern hanging-bed. =)

    • Top Dog Babies
      29th April 2020 1:20 pm

      Hi Juan, thank you for your comment. We are glad you found it useful. We are pleased it help you choose the right cat bed for you! Good lucky with the adoption of you cat too. Kind Regards

  • Well, I’m much more of a dog person than a cat one.
    But a friend of mine has a cat that never sleeps where she is supposed to.
    But maybe that’s just because she doesn’t have a cat bed!
    Personally, I had no idea what big of a difference those beds can do for the comfort of any cat.
    I’m forwarding your article to my friend, I have no doubts that she’ll love it.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Top Dog Babies
      29th April 2020 1:19 pm

      Hi, Thank you for reading our article we are glad you found it useful. Yes maybe she could purchase a cat bed for her! Thank you for also sharing on our article. Kind Regards

  • Hello – that’s some great info I didn’t know. Our cats like napping together and then they need their space. Your window and pods have caught my attention.
    Thanks for your blog.

    • Top Dog Babies
      29th April 2020 1:17 pm

      Hi Nancy. Many thanks for reading our article we are glad you enjoyed reading it. Also learnt new things too! Kind Regards

  • Thanks for sharing! I find that the window beds work best as it keeps them engaged and establishes a “cat spot” if you know what I mean! Great info!

    • Top Dog Babies
      30th April 2020 10:24 am

      Hi Andrea, thank you for your comment. We are glad you enjoyed our article. Yes we agree with the window cat bed definitely. Kind Regards

  • Great article on cat beds. I need to get a few for our two cats even though they seem to like to sleep in different places. A cat bed looks good because it looks like it is something that can make them feel warm and safe.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Top Dog Babies
      30th April 2020 10:26 am

      Good Morning John, thank you for your comment. Yes they would definitely feel warm and safe in their own cat bed. Kind Regards

  • Hi there, I loved the article, very informative. I didn’t even know that you get so many different beds and it makes totally sense that the bed will depend on your cat’s personality. I am getting a kitten soon and she was going to get a normal boring bed but now I am thinking of buying her something more with style. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    • Top Dog Babies
      2nd May 2020 12:49 pm

      Hi, thank you for your comment on our article. We are really pleased you enjoyed reading it. Good luck on your new kitten! Kind Regards

  • An interesting article on cat beds. The one that the last of our cats seemed to prefer was very similar to the K & H Thermo described in this article. However in the 30 years that cats were part of our family life we would find them sleeping in all kinds of weird places such as laundry baskets filled with clothes recently taken off clothes lines and in linen closets! Cardboard boxes containing old newspapers were also favored by them!

    • Top Dog Babies
      3rd May 2020 12:32 pm

      Hi James, thank you for your comment. Yes cats are very funny and can be found sleeping in some strange places! We once found our cat on the top of our wardrobe in with the teddies! Not even sure how he managed to get up there! Kind Regards

  • Awesome insight!
    This really does explain what is going on when one of my cats tries to get comfy in anything less than half its size!

    I will make sure cat beds are available to our cats and hopefully it will keep them off mine!




    • Top Dog Babies
      4th May 2020 8:55 am

      Good Morning John, thank you for your comment. We are pleased you found this article useful and hopefully it will help you with your cats. Kind Regards

  • Some good advice here that I totally agree with. Beds are so important and especially for cats as they spend most of their time sleeping.

    Coming from a person who adopted a Siamese Grey Seal point.

    We have beds all over the place for her but she chooses to do her own thing like this breed tend to do and sleep wherever she wants.

    We were looking for her the other day and guess where we found her. In the wardrobe.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Top Dog Babies
      4th May 2020 8:49 pm

      Hi Mick, thank you for your comment on our cat beds article. Yes cats do certainly like to sleep anywhere! We also once found ours on top of the wardrobe in with the teddy bears! Kind Regards

  • Wow, such a variety of cat beds to choose from! Makes me want to be a cat just to try out one of these out. Seriously though, I am totally on board with making your pet as comfortable as possible since adding to their quality of life while in your care will definitely return loads of benefits in your own life.

    • Top Dog Babies
      5th May 2020 8:00 pm

      Hi Alex, many thanks for your comment on our cat beds article. Yes we certainly agree pets should be looked after just like you would look after a child. It is most definitely very rewarding. Kind Regards

  • I never knew there were so many cat beds! I’ll have to check some out for the two of mine. I like the idea of them having a specific place to sleep during the day. They love to cuddle up when it’s cold out and a bed would be the perfect place to do so!

    • Top Dog Babies
      7th May 2020 12:57 pm

      Hi, thank you for your comment on our cat beds article. We are pleased your found some useful information. Kind Regards


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