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baby drinking bottle

Introduction to Baby Bottles

Many new parents are surprised to learn how many baby bottles available in the market. Some parents are confused about which bottle to use when feeding their little ones. This is because there are many different options. Using the wrong bottle for your baby will make the food slower. Also less enjoyable but also cause health problems.

baby drinking bottles


Making the right choice: The Right Baby Bottle

There are various factors to consider when buying a bottle for your baby. Your correct choice can turn your child’s mealtime into a and free of stress and relaxing experience. Error can turn into a disaster. The choice you opt for will have a negative or positive effect on the child’s nutrition experience. Confused? We are here to help you out.

1. Bottle Nipple:

The detachable nipples come in a large assortment of sizes and flow rates. It is essential to choose the correct nipple flow according to the age of your baby.

From newborn to 3-months: To avoid choking and overheating, a slow-flowing nipple to be given to Newborns.

Infants between the ages of 3 and 12 months: Medium flow nipples can be given to infants in both age groups.

Toddlers 12 to 18 months old: Rapid feeding nipples can be given to speed feeding as soon as the toddler is old enough to avoid choking.

baby drinking bottle


Choosing the right nipple can prevent many conditions and risks, such as:

Speech Delay: During breastfeeding, your baby develops muscles inside the tongue and around it. If you make the wrong nipple choice, the baby may not fully develop these muscles. This may contribute to speech disabilities.

Choking Hazard: Your baby can choke If too much milk is released by the nipple at a time. That’s a slower flow nipple must be chosen.

Overeating: If your child consumes too much milk for service, he or she can overeat, resulting in spitting and reflux.

2. The size of the bottle

Small and thin bottles can be easily handled by you and the baby. Always keep in mind how much this bottle can hold. Bottles with low capacity are ideal for newborns, but you may be tired of refilling them as your child ages. Buying new bottles is a good idea as your child gets older and needs more calories to serve. Otherwise, choosing a bottle with a large liquid capacity is a financially wise choice. In that case, only the nipple has to be replaced instead of the whole bottle, as your child grows.

3. Avoiding Hazardous Materials

Mostly, baby bottles are manufactured from plastic. Bisphenol A (B-P-A) is an essential constituent in the manufacture of very low-quality plastic. Many health problems, including cancer, are linked to this harmful substance. Always choose bottles that do not contain BPA and the following hazardous materials.

· Lead

· Phthalate



Carefully read the label and choose certain chemicals-free bottles to keep your child from being exposed to harmful toxins.

Medical Advantages Of Baby Bottles

Baby bottles can help alleviate a variety of health issues. Some of them are mentioned below:

Reflux: Use a slow-flowing bottle to which will prevent vomiting on the infant. Anti-reflux bottles avoid leakage into the mouth of your baby.

Gas and Colic: Prevention of air getting into the nipple is only possible in the Anti-colic bottles. These are made of pits. This prevents the child from swallowing air while eating its milk, thus reducing the chances of having colitis.

Ear Infections: Does your child suffer frequent ear infections? Posture while feeding might be the cause of this. Pediatrists suggest keeping your child in an upright position during bottle feed. Angular bottles facilitate your child with safe feeding and avoid fluid buildup in the ears, which can cause ear infections.

Ways of Sterilizing Baby Bottles

Excess milk and Bacteria has to be removed by cleaning the baby bottle. Specifics of the ways to clean each bottle vary. Therefore check the packaging, but how do you clean most bottles after each feeding:

Firstly, wash bottle and nipple with soapy, warm water. Then, use a brush to rinse off any leftovers on the nipple and water. Use a brush to rinse off any leftovers and then wash the nipple and bottle with clean water. Then leave them in the air, so they get dried up.

This was a general method to clean the bottle. There are various ways to sterilize bottles. Few of them are mentioned below:

Disinfection substances: These are chemicals which are mixed in water. Soaking the baby bottles and nipples in the solution for approximately 30 minutes is sufficient to kill bacteria. Avoid rinsing nipple and bottle post soaking, else bacteria forms again.

High Temperature: High heat will destroy harmful bacteria, such as boiling water. Boil bottles and nipples for 5 minutes, leaving to cool. Make sure there are no toxic chemicals in your bottle before sterilizing the bottle and nipple, as this process can cause them to go into the milk.

Steam Bottle Sterilizers: Steam sterilizers have different instructions and following them thoroughly is recommended. Usually the bottles are upside down and inside the steamer to produce hot steam inside the unit.

Dishwashers: You can use the dishwashers to heat and vaporize baby bottles. Please place the bottles on the top rack and when you sterilize baby bottles do not bring any products in the dishwasher.

Why Sterilize?

Are you too tired to clean bottles for your baby? New moms are prevalent overworked and have little time. If you neglect sterilization, you should be aware that doing so can have severe consequences. This risks the safety of your child, and may result in:

Gastroenteritis: Infection of the intestine causes loose stools, numbness and pain in the stomach.

Thrush: Thrush is a type of fungal infection that occurs in your baby’s jars, and is very contagious. This causes severe pain in your baby’s mouth and oesophagus, resulting in crying, hungry baby.

Decreased immune system: If your child is exposed to bacteria too often, his or her immune system is compromised. This causes frequent and recurring illnesses.

The Final Verdict

Bottles are still popular, but before jumping for it, consider the results as well. You have to be very careful and vigilant when selecting the right nipple size for your baby. Always make sure that the bottles and nipples are sterilized. Always check the manual for this and talk to the store manager.

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