Baby Moses Basket Izziwotnot – Product Review

Izziwotnot moses basket

Introduction to Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket Review

If you are one of those mothers who aren’t in favor to spend enough money on cribs for their newborns, so you must consider buying a Baby Moses Basket. The reason to consider these is that these baskets are helpful for parents to carry their babies with them and whatnot.

The reason why they are getting so much popular is definitely because of the safety and comfort it provides to your baby. They make it a lot more relaxing for the mother to carry it. Your baby can comfortably rest or sleep in this basket without any disturbance.

We, at Top Dog Babies, are always making sure to deliver the best products available in the market. Looking for a great comfortable Baby Moses Basket for your little one? Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket- Girl is worth considering. This is a great value for money, as Izziwotnot never disappointed its customer base.

To help you gain a better perspective on the Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket-Girl, we conclude with a final review. This outlines the advantages, and accessories included in the packaging. Also what makes this product different from other ones available in the market.

Izziwotnot moses basket

What makes this Baby Moses Basket different from others?

Many Moses Baskets come without a mattress replacement. This means you have to buy one separately. For many parents, it’s frustrating since they buy these to save money instead of buying a baby cot. In other cases, some are equipped with a mattress which can’t be replaced. Now, this is another big problem since babies can cause mess sometimes. Also being a parent, it’s a hectic job to clean the mess. As well as that cleaning becomes more difficult if the mattress is fixed. That’s why Izziwotnot includes a comfortable foam mattress that is replaceable. To avoid frequent replacements, the company has also provided a PEVA cover, which is waterproof. It can be easily wiped and cleaned, making life easier. Other than that, PEVA is heat sealed, which keeps the dust and moisture away, protecting your mattress.

As your child grows, they need a bigger space to sleep in. So why buy separate baskets for your child at different ages? Izziwotnot is ideal for infants, up till the age of 1. And you must not worry about the basket tipping over. This supports children up to 9 Kilograms.

Safety is our first and utmost priority. Izziwotnot makes sure that all of its products comply with the British Safety Standards.

What is included in this Baby Moses Basket?

Who wants to buy accessories separately? Obviously, no one wants too. Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket comes with the features and accessories. This is unlike some baskets available on the market.

Other than a replaceable comfortable foam mattress and a PEVA cover to keep out moisture and dust. Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket comes with a coverlet that is large enough and can be tucked in. The coverlet features gorgeous appliques and is embroidered, making it beautiful and attractive. The coverlet is 100% cotton, which makes it easy to wash as little accidents are common.

This Moses Basket comes with a hood that is adjustable, to create a safe and cozy environment while your little one is sleeping.

Unlike other Baby Moses Baskets, Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket is a durable basket made from wicker, and strength adds to safety. Moreover, the grip is made easier with easy-grip handles that are stylish. Moreover, the durable leather straps are easy to grip, which makes carrying the basket from one place to another much easier and convenient.

Dimensions of Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket

The Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket is a wicker Moses Basket. It is 84cm long and around 48cm wide if the hood is excluded. Other than that, the inside of the basket measures 66cm in length, whereas 29cm in width. The Basket Height is around 27cm.

Moreover, the Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket comes with a coverlet, which is 55 x 70cm.

Available Colours

The Izziwotnot Humphrey’s Corner Sketchbook Natural Moses Basket-Girl is available in Wood Finish currently at Top Dog Babies.

Advantages of Having Izziwotnot

This basket is an ideal one for a newborn and can be used till your child is one year old. This will definitely save you hundreds of pounds. Other than that, the mattress is replaceable and comfortable. Moreover, the basket can withstand the weight of a maximum of 9 kilograms. This product is equipped with reliable and easy-grip handles. These make it more durable and easy to carry from place to place. Most importantly, this Moses Basket complies with British Safety Standard BS EN 1466:2004+A1:2007.

Disadvantages of Having Izziwotnot

According to experts and our daily users, no such disadvantages are observed. Izziwotnot has never disappointed its customer base.

Price of Izziwotnot Natural Moses Basket-Girl

Everyone wants to save money so that one can spend it on something else. We always care about our customers, so they never leave without a smile on their faces. Izziwotnot Natural Moses Basket-Girl was initially been priced at £99. Still, as Top Dog Babies is offering a 20% off on this product, so this goes for £79.

Good Alternatives

There are many alternatives for this Baby Moses Basket. Here are the best recommendations by users and testing agencies.

Kinder Valley Moses Basket & Stand Bundle

This is a perfect combo of a traditional wicker Moses Basket with a simple pine stand and comes with a reasonable price tag. Other than that, the set includes a washable mattress, which is water-resistant for sure. Moreover, you get an adjustable hoof and a blanket too. This Moses Basket is super easy to assemble and is sturdy also.

Snuggle Dream Moses Basket and Curve Rocking Stand

This Baby Moses Basket is larger than a standard Moses Basket. Instead of wicker, this basket is made from plastic and is durable since it doesn’t creak when your baby moves. This basket can be dismantled within seconds, and each of its parts can be washed. A sturdy air mattress is included to ensure your child sleeps in comfort.

Clair de Lune Waffle White Noah Pod: Best white Moses basket

This basket is undoubtedly an excellent alternative for Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket. It comes in one of the most popular colour options. Other than that, this basket is based on a sturdy, traditional design. This basket is fully lined with soft cotton and makes it comfortable for your baby to sleep.

Hello Friend Moses Basket

This basket keeps things bright and cheery, and the main reason for this is the colorful design of this Moses basket. Other than that, this basket comes with a PVC mattress and a canopy hood. All fabrics are machine washable. Unfortunately, no mattress protector is included, you must buy this separately.

Final verdict

So, the final decision on whether the Izziwotnot Baby Moses Basket- Girl is worth buying or not? According to the data collected, and statistics, the answer is undoubtedly YES.

If you want a reasonably priced Baby Moses Basket with safety features and accessories, this is exactly what you can choose blindly. The Baby Moses Basket has been on the market for quite some time and has actually had time and time again for consumers who have used this piece, claiming that it combines safety features with amazing accessories, providing comfort at another level, at an incredible price.

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