Coronavirus Babies And Children – How to help them Keep Safe

Here is a very useful article on coronavirus babies and children, a guide to keep them safe. Recently in December 2019, a new virus outbreak was reported in China, and it took very little time to spread all over the world. Within the past four months, it has took thousands of lives, and millions of people are still infected and being treated at hospitals. In this scenario, people are afraid for their lives because this virus can transmit from person to person with ease.

Most of the countries these days have announced a complete lockdown to prevent COVID-19 spread, and families are advised to stay indoors as much as possible. As currently, we do not have any strong evidence about how much and how long this disease can spread, the situation is really difficult for every individual on this planet. However, parents are more worried about how they could help babies and children to stay safe during this risk-prone situation. Acknowledging the severity of the disease and the level of illness, parents need to stay very careful about the activities of their children. They need to take solid actions without even creating a stressful or panicking situation for kids.

It is very important to cope with the anxiety that children may have due to restricted outdoor movements. Parents need to help children understand the situation, but it is important to use age-appropriate details to make them aware of the issue. There is no doubt to say that children are more dependent on adults for guidance in such stressful events. In case if the parents feel overly worried and anxious, it will be difficult to make kids aware of the situation. Instead, you should talk to children regarding the matter and help them learn some preventive measures to stay safe.

Tips to follow to keep babies and children safe from Coronavirus


Below we have listed a few points on how parents can help children to stay safe without creating a fearful situation in the house:

· Remain calm:

Children are more likely to follow and react to all the verbal and non-verbal reactions made by adult members in the family. What you explain to them and the current prevention efforts may increase or decrease the anxiety levels among children. Talk to your children that they and the family members are safe. Reassure them that if they follow preventive measures, the entire family can fight with the disease.

· Give your time:

In this scenario, children may need additional attention from parents. They may want you to talk about the major concerns. Parents should stay ready to answer their questions and handle rising fears. Make sure that children have someone to listen to their thoughts. Parents need to assure lots of affection and love for them.

· Ask questions as per age level:

It is important to access the information from your child to know about what they already know and what they need to understand. Kids might have heard some adults talking about the virus, and it might have created some image in their mind. But parents need to make sure that kids are not making any wrong perception in their minds. Ask questions as per their age level and correct them if they have some wrong information.

Further ways to help

· Teach them handwashing skills:



Teach kids that having lots of sleep, preventing outdoor moves, and washing hands time and again can help them stay strong. Explain how regular hand washing can stop the virus spread. Try to be a role model for your kids and follow appropriate routines for handwashing with them. They will follow the example set by the parents and other adult members in the family. Mothers need to follow the right procedures for babies & kids keeping safe when most vulnerable.

· Explain what is happening around:

The grown-up children and teens might be watching TV and news with their parents, and the chances are that they are scared about the situation. Parents need to assure them that the government and medical health departments are talking about adequate procedures for safety. Young kids need to understand that doctors and hospitals have a facility to treat people. They need to know that scientists are working hard to develop some vaccine to deal with the problem.

· Involve them in the cleaning process:

It is good to sanitize your home to avoid the spread of COVID-19 which will keep your family safe and can be the best pass time during the lockdown as well which is good to involve your kids in the cleaning process as per their age level. But make sure that new-born babies and the toddlers stay safe all the time. Reports reveal that young kids and older adults that have lower immunity levels are more prone to virus attack. So, parents need to make sure that kids don’t get involved in some unhealthy or unhygienic activities.

· Help them eat healthy food:



One good thing about this situation is that at least all family members are staying home. In this scenario, you can follow some healthy routines. Make sure your kids follow the same. Instead of eating lots of junk food, spare time to prepare some healthy recipes for the kids. Medical health experts advise eating some immunity-boosting food items to build resistance against coronavirus. It can help kids to stay safe from COVID-19 exposure.

Activities to consider

· Allow kids to connect with their friends:

When everyone is bound to stay at home, kids might be worried about their friends and other relatives whom they feel more attached. Mothers need to help kids interact with their loved ones via telephonic conversations. It will also help them to get rid of all the stress and anxiety.

· Exercise together:

Exercises are a trusted solution to build strength to combat virus attacks. Mothers need to involve the entire family in their exercise routines. Help your kids perform some basic exercises based on their age level. If they are too young to perform heavy workouts, help them in learning a few basic yoga poses to maintain their body.

These simple tips can help parents to create a positive environment at home, and kids may find it easier to cope with stress and anxiety. Everyone needs to stay safe from coronavirus attack, and the best way is to follow preventive measures.

We hope you enjoyed our article on coronavirus babies and children and how to keep them safe.

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  • […] COVID-19: How To Help Babies & Children Keep Safe […]

  • Great post
    I have kids and I was looking for more ways to be with them and keep them happy during cocronavirus and I like the idea of exercising with them. I never thought of it, thanx

  • Thanks for this, really good article with some great ideas to help the kids feel safe. Both parents need to be really involved with their kids at this time, making sure they understand what’s going on but that they don’t feel overwhelmed. At least this confinement gives us an opportunity to cook and exercise together and try to implement some healthy habits for the future. You might be interested in this article:

  • Great post and very timely – given the current condition of the world! I couldn’t help smiling as I was reading the section on washing hands, because my three and a half year old grandson is now very obsessed with washing his hands at every opportunity – if only for the fun of it and totally exasperates his mum all day.

    I totally agree with you that children should be encouraged to connect with their friends – and family, because they tend to be confused about not seeing them everyday or as the case may be.

    Your website is a one-stop shop. I love it!


    • Top Dog Babies
      30th April 2020 10:26 am

      Hi, thank you for commenting on our post. We are pleased it made you smile! That’s cute bless him. Yes we also agree it is very important for the children to still connect with their friends and family. We use face time on a daily basis to connect with our family and friends. We are glad you like our website. Kind Regards

  • Thanks for this very helpful and important article. I agree it’s important to let them know what’s going on around them in a good way. I also agree that exercise is such a good thing to do, it promotes health in so many ways… physically, mentally. I appreciate the great advice to help keep little ones safe during this time.

  • I love this article! It was very helpful. I have 3 children, 15, 13 and 8 and each one of them is different. You’re right it’s extremely important to talk to our children to see just what they are thinking so we can future lead and guide them. Interesting stuff… Thanks!

    • Top Dog Babies
      3rd May 2020 12:31 pm

      Hi Ashley, thank you for your comment. We are happy you found it useful. Stay safe and well. Kind Regards

  • I like the fact you mentioned involving the kids in the cleaning process and exercising together doing these things will show them that staying healthy is a family thing and not just mom or dad thing.

    • Top Dog Babies
      4th May 2020 8:59 am

      Hi John, thank you for your comment. Yes we feel it is very important to involve the children. It is a hard time for the children too and we need to keep them entertained during these difficult times. Kind Regards

  • Alex Griffith
    4th May 2020 2:40 pm

    Great post! Exercise is extremely important. Not just because of the coronavirus, but because of the obesity epidemic as well! And hopefully this COVID-19 pandemic has turned more people to the habit of washing their hands regularly.

    • Top Dog Babies
      4th May 2020 8:53 pm

      Hi Alex, thank you for your comment. We are pleased you enjoyed our article. Kind Regards

  • Thank you for such informative post. This is relevant nowadays.
    I’m quite relieved that my kid is already big enough to be aware of what’s happening right now and he’s accustomed on washing his hands and changing his clothes right away, as soon as he stepped in the house. And although we’re one of the countries that aren’t lockdown, we still try not to go out as much, and stay away from crowded places. But my kid still meet his friends and cousins through game though.
    Anyway, stay safe.

    • Top Dog Babies
      4th May 2020 8:52 pm

      Hi, thank you for your comment. We have a 9 year old and 1 year old. They haven’t been out the house since lockdown as we feel it is our job to keep them safe and protected. By them not leaving the house is the best way to do this. Luckily we have a big garden for them to play in. What country are you in? Kind Regards


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