Dove Natural Care Baby Wipes

Introduction to dove natural care baby wipes

Welcome to our review on dove natural care baby wipes. A baby’s skin is one of the most delicate things. To keep the skin safe from dryness and rashes, proper skin care is needed. When it comes to clean your baby’s skin properly, wet wipes can prove useful. Moreover, These wipes are made with disinfectants to keep the skin away from any infections.

There are various baby care brands selling baby wipes in the market. One of the most popular products in this category is Natural care baby wipes by Dove. We’ll analyse the company’s claims in this review.

These baby wipes come in a nice white coloured packet. According to your need, you can buy packs of different sizes containing 30, 50, or more wipes. A plastic flap is given with the product. The flap keeps the packet closed in between uses. The flap is there to prevent the wipes from drying out. In Addition, the placement of wipes inside the packaging also seems nice. You can easily take them out one by one without messing up.

To help you gain a better perspective on the Dove Natural care Baby wipes, we conclude with a final review that outlines the advantages. Other than that, what makes this baby wipes one of the best ones in the market is also discussed. We are always making sure to deliver you the best products available in the market. You’ll find these Natural Care Baby Wipes, which are recommended by experts and many parents, on Top Dog Babies.

Materials that Make up The Dove Natural Baby Care Wipes

The Dove Natural care baby wipes are made with a soft material that cleans the baby’s skin without irritating it. The moisture inside the wipes is just enough to clean the skin properly. You can use the wipes to clean any area of your baby’s body. Gently rubbing these wipes on the skin takes away all the allergens and

other harmful stuff. The wipes also have a subtle scent to make the skin smell good after application. Even adults use them to clean their makeup.

Let’s consider a few pros and cons of using these baby wipes. This will help us to understand their effects on your newborn.

Benefits of using Natural Care Baby Wipes

Here are some benefits of Natural care baby wipes. These benefits are mentioned by parents on independent reviewing sites.

· Helps Clean Properly

Babies wear diapers most of the time. This means that their skin is exposed to urine and faeces. That’s why cleaning the bottoms of your baby properly is very important. But due to the folds and soft skin, bottoms aren’t easy to clean. Babies are always moving around. This usually results in an improper cleaning of the bottoms. This can cause a rash and other skin related diseases.

This is where the dove baby wipes can help you. These wipes have enough disinfectant on them to properly clean the area of any germs. Remember to use these wipes between diaper changes to avoid rashes.

· Better Than Cloth

Some clothes, like muslin cloth, are used to clean the baby’s skin. But you can’t travel with enough clothes to keep your baby clean. Baby wipes by Dove solve this problem too. These wipes come in a very compact packaging. You can easily dispose of these wipes after a single usage. This is convenient as compared to washing the cloth after every usage. That is why keeping a pack of Natural care baby wipes is an excellent travel choice.

· Saves Water

Cleaning the baby properly is very important. But this can become difficult in areas suffering from water shortage. So, you can use a wet baby wipe in-between diaper changes to solve the water problem. Also, you won’t have to

find water to clean the baby when travelling. Using a Natural care baby wipe is the best choice in such areas.

· Alternative of Bathing

Newborn babies have a wax layer on their bodies at the time of birth. This wax layer keeps the baby’s skin safe in his early days. That’s why doctors don’t recommend giving a water bath to your baby for a certain time after birth. A water bath can remove the wax layer of your newborn. This can expose his skin to harmful substances.

Parents can use Natural care baby wipes by Dove to keep the wax layer intact. This is an excellent alternative to bath, and many doctors recommend it.

· Usage In Cold Weather

Giving a bath to your newborn in winter can be tough. You can use Natural care baby wipes in place of a bath in the cold weather. This helps a lot because setting up an optimum temperature of the water is difficult at times. Using cold water can make the baby sick. So, you can use wipes to properly clean your baby’s body 2 to 3 times a week.

Possible Drawbacks of Natural Care Baby Wipes

There are lots of benefits of using Natural care baby wipes by Dove. But there can be some possible drawbacks too. Here are some of the drawbacks that you might witness.

· Might Dry Out the Skin

Most of the baby wipe brands use alcohol. Using wipes with too much of these substances can dry put the skin of your baby. Baby wipes which are using

alcohol as disinfectant might cause irritation and rashes on your baby’s skin. To solve this problem, always buy baby wipes according to the skin of your little one.

Some parents complain about their baby’s dry skin after using these Natural Care baby wipes. However, this is also caused due to the over sensitive skin for some babies. Using baby oil or a gentle lotion is a must after using these wipes. That is if they are drying out the kid’s skin.

· Unwanted Fragrances

Some users complain about the fragrance used in Natural care baby wipes by Dove. Just as fragrances can cause allergies in some people, they can irritate your child too. So, see if your kid is sensitive to any smell before buying these. Among the scented baby wipes varieties, the best choice is a matter of personal preference. Therefore, wipes that have a heavy fragrance may be off-putting to some parents, though.

The fragrances are added to make the smell better after cleaning the faeces. But they can do more harm than good in some cases. That’s why you should consult a medical professional if anything bad happens.

· Burning Sensation

The antibacterial chemicals used in these wipes might cause a burning sensation. This problem is common with many types of baby wipes. This is also the main reason why babies start crying when we use wipes.

You can get rid of this sensation by using a cool, wet cloth before and after using the wipes. This will calm your baby. This usually happens when the chemical reacts with bacteria on your baby’s skin.

What Are Some Alternatives?

Here are some alternatives to the Natural care baby wipes by Dove.

· Water Wipes

These wipes use high water content (99.9%) and natural grapefruit seed extract. These wipes are suitable for babies with sensitive skin—these help in keeping the delicate skin away from allergies.

· Pampers Sensitive

Many Parents who want fragrance free baby wipes are using Pampers baby fresh wipes. As the name suggests, these wipes are for babies who’re sensitive to certain smells.

· Amazon Elements

These wipes have a unique texture on them. The raised patterns help clean better as compared to the flat surface wipes. These wipes are available in different variations. You can buy them without scent.

Amazon elements come in a huge pack of 720 wipes. Therefore, you can use them for various other purposes too.

· Johnson’s Hand And Face

These wipes are trendy for their no more tears formula. You can use them after meals, for cleaning mud and faeces. They are easy to use.

· Earth Friendly Baby Gentle Aloe Vera Wipes

These baby wipes are Eco Friendly and are using 98 Per cent water, instead of alcohol which dries out your baby skin. Other than that, No harmful ingredients are added to make it scented. This will ensure that your baby is safe from skin allergies and irritation, including rashes.

Final Verdict

So, the final decision on whether Natural Care Baby Wipes by Dove is worth buying or not? If your baby has super sensitive skin, or he/she can’t handle fragrance anywhere against the skin, go for Biodegradable, unscented baby wipes. Earth Friendly Baby Gentle Aloe Vera Wipes are one of such wipes. Else, the Natural care baby wipes by Dove is a great option.

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We hope you enjoyed our review on Dove natural care baby wipes.