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Optimal protection in abundance – the best iPad cover cases for your iPad

A protective case can significantly increase the life of an iPad

Apple’s current iPad line includes several models, each requiring a different case size. Although Apple makes a case that fits most models – the Smart Cover – it is expensive and only protects the screen. We believe that most people do not need to dig deep into their pockets to find robust protection for their tablets. To accommodate all people, we have a wide variety of iPad cover cases. We think in times like that, where many people opt to home-schooling, a suitable and shock absorbing iPad for your children can save you money in expensive repairs of a tablet.


Why use an iPad case?

An iPad consists of sensitive electronics enclosed in two fragile materials: delicate glass and scratch-prone aluminium that dents easily. Besides accidentally dropping the tablet, there is another risk of damage through your keys, coins and other items in your pocket. For this reason, it makes sense to spend a little more money on hardware protection, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, especially since an out-of-warranty iPad repair could easily cost around 500 dollars.

More convincing factors in investing in an iPad cover case

A significant advantage of many iPad cases goes far beyond just protection. They can enhance the user experience of an iPad rather than diminish it. For example, many cases have a built-in stand function so you can place the tablet in positions that are suitable for typing or watching movies. You do not have to spend money or sacrifice pocket space for a separate stand for occasional use.

Many iPad cases have a screen protector that folds into a triangle to act as a stand. However, this type of “triangular” stand is quite unstable. If you plan to use your iPad in modes that require an upright image, such as watching movies or using it with a Bluetooth keyboard, you need a cover, which offers you all those options. You get great results with some of our inexpensive iPad cover cases with an integrated stand.

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Why select your next iPad cover case from TopDogBabies.com

Many companies offer cheap iPad cover cases, and when you receive them one or the other feature, it is mostly the outlet for the camera, which does not fit. You are left with only two options:

  • Return the case with all the hassle that comes with it or
  • You pass it on to a friend in the hope the case might fit

When you buy iPad cover cases from us, we can guarantee that the case fits the iPad you had in mind.

We concentrated – mostly out of necessity – on affordable cases. Especially for the latest iPads, there are simply no high-end cases where price and performance are in proportion to each other. The more expensive cases are often much bulkier without necessarily offering more protection or adding essential functions.

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We narrowed our assortment of iPad cover cases to specific requirements

  • The case must cover the corners of the iPad, protect the edges from scratches and at the same time protect the shiny metallic parts from abrasive surfaces.
  • Case must have a front cover that reliably activates the iPad’s magnetic sleep/wake function when opened or closed.
  • Front cover must not slip when closed. This feature is essential for reasons of protection. If the screen protector moves, the screen could be damaged.
  • Battery life should also not be affected by triggering the Sleep/Wake function of the iPad unnecessarily. A loosely fitting cover would “wake up” the tablet by every move, triggering a discharge of the battery. The cover should also remain closed when you are not using the tablet.
  • The cover should have a stand-up function that allows you to adjust positioning options for upright viewing and typing.
  • Cover should be simple: it should be lightweight and should not interfere with holding the tablet in one hand while typing or swiping.

We prefer cases that cover the side buttons of a tablet, but as this is not a standard feature, so we do not see that as a requirement.

ipad cover case

iPad cover case we offer in one glance

  • Tested for thickness and weight.
  • Fold option: Screen protection in all its various stand positions in different angles
  • Screen protector, if closed does not move, does not open, even held upside down above your head
  • Shock absorbent

Buying iPad case covers from TopDogBabies.com has several advantages

We have only original Apple iPad cover cases in our assortment

In our online store, you have a great variety of cases to choose from. You can stop wasting more of your precious time searching the internet for the right cover case for your tablet.

If you happen not to find what you want, get in touch with us. We might be able to get the right iPad cover case for you.

  • We offer you only carefully crafted cases from professionally selected materials; an iPad case can protect both the sensitive front side with the display and the backside. The device lies well-padded inside the case and is protected from shock and vibrations.
  • We offer cases with a 360° rotation, which adds multifunction to your tablet.
  • The so-called wake-up and sleep function, which is triggered immediately when the cover is opened and closed.

A well-fitted iPad case cover can help preserve value. That is important if you are thinking of reselling your iPad to upgrade to a top model. Do not forget; you always can check out our iPad sale.

In summary, with an iPad cover case from TopDogBabies.com, you cannot go wrong. With our vast online assortment of high-quality cases, you get what you want to the most affordable price without even leaving the couch.

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