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Introduction to Peg Perego kids electric quad bike

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Kids electric Quad Bike is perfect for your kids to enjoy outdoors. This quad bike is rechargeable too. Quad bikes, in general, are one of the best toys for your kids to play.

There are various brands selling kids electric quad bikes in the market. One of the most popular products in this category are kids electric quad bikes by Peg Perego. We’ll analyze the company’s claims in this review. This quad bike seems to be an excellent investment for any parent.

To help you gain a better perspective on the kids electric quad bikes, we conclude with a final review that outlines the advantages. Other than that, what makes this kids electric quad bike one of the best ones in the market is also discussed. We are always making sure to deliver you the best products available in the market. You’ll find these kids electric quad bikes, which are recommended by experts and many parents, on Top Dog Babies.

Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric Quad Bike- Pink Power


The Peg Perego Electric Quad Bikes has many benefits over the standard kids electric quad bikes. Here are some of the well-known features of Peg Perego Electric Quad Bikes. Let’s take a look at some of the best-known features of this electric quad bike by Peg Perego.

It is Affordable

This quad bike is very affordable for what it provides you with. This product is perfect down to every little detail. The quality is comparable to some of the premium models on the market. Yet it comes for only a fraction of price. The wheels are good enough to provide your kid with traction on grass and rough terrains.

This affordable Kids electric quad bike is a perfect toy for your kid to learn control. It allows the kids to spend some quality time outside. The manufacturer has used the best materials in it’s making. So, your investment remains perfectly safe, even in rough conditions. £265 is a decent price tag for this quality product.

It Comes With Rechargeable Battery

One of the best features of this Kids electric quad bike is that it comes with a rechargeable battery. Yes, it takes some time to get charged before your kid can use it. But this is the most economical option that you can go for.

This Kids electric quad bike is eco-friendly too. Your kid would learn to take care of the environment around them. The battery on Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric Quad Bike is very ling lasting. It can last a long playing session. Just remember to recharge its 12V/ 8Ah battery before using it for maximum convenience.

Comes With Safety Features

This Kids electric quad bike is perfect for kids’ use. It comes with lots of safety features to keep your kid safe when he’s riding. This specific Kids electric quad bike comes with three gears (1-2 and reverse). Multiple gears allow your kid to have greater control over the bike’s speed. The bike runs at 2.5 and 5 mph with gears 1 and 2, respectively. Five mph speed is suitable for beginners as it allows a greater level of control over the handle.

With these safety features in place, your kid can surely learn to control this bike easily as he grows.

Wide Seats And Footrests For Comfort

Comfort is another good thing to look for when you’re buying a quad bike for your kid. This Kids electric quad bike comes with nicely padded seat and wide footrests to provide maximum comfort and safety. The seat has ample space to carry up to 2 kids at a time.

So, the Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric Quad Bike is a perfectly comfortable 4-wheeled toy for your kid. Materials used in the making of seat and footrests are sturdy, and the padding is soft. This will allow your kid to enjoy the Kids electric quad bike for longer without tiring.

Maximum Speed Lock

One unique benefit of the Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric Quad Bike is that it comes with a maximum speed lock. The speed is locked at five mph to limit the speed until your kid has learned to control the toy perfectly.

This is a great feature to keep your kid secure while he’s still small.


There are also some drawbacks to Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric Quad Bike. Here are some of the disadvantages for your consideration.

Limited Color Choice

One major drawback of this Kids electric quad bike is that the color selection is limited. There are only two options available.

  • Pink
  • Yellow

The pink color is meant for girls, while yellow is made for boys. However, you’ll be limited to only these two colors when buying this Kids electric quad bike. Yet, the bike is decorated with cool stickers.

Comes With Its Dangers

Quad bikes come to their dangers. The Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric Quad Bike is no different. It should only be used with precaution. Although there are some safety features in place, it still has some risks. Quad bikes are less safer than dirt bikes.

So, you shouldn’t let your kid use the bike without your supervision. Also, supervise your kid when he drives on rough terrain.

Charging Has Its Limits

The Peg Perego Polaris Outlaw Electric Quad Bike is a good product. The charging lasts for a decent time. But there’s always a limit to the changing. Your kid would be limited by the time for which the charging lasts. This isn’t the case with petrol quad bikes. They aren’t limited like electric rechargeable quad bikes as petrol can be easily refilled.

Best Alternatives

Here are some of the best Kids electric quad bike alternatives that you can try.

Titan Outdoor Kids Children 24V Green Mini Quad ATV

Most of the quad bike fans buy small quad bikes for their kids too. This mini 4-wheeler is one of the best alternatives that you can try. This bike is made just like a real quad bike. But it is made smaller to make it fit for the kids. The 4-wheeler also has two different speed settings to keep your kid safe while riding.

This bike is suitable for kids younger than eight years and can handle a weight of up to 150 lbs. But there’s a drawback. This 4-wheeler can take up to 5 to 6 hours to completely charge. The charger comes with the device.

Best Choice Products 12V Ride On Car Truck

This 4-wheeler looks like a mini truck. There are actual seatbelts to keep your kid secure. This also has LEDs and three different speed options. One of the best features of this 4-wheeler is that it comes with remote control. You can fully control the features of this toy with the help of that remote control. There are hardly any safer options out there in the market.

The mini-truck comes with lots of safety features, including wide tires. The wide tires allow for more traction on the terrain. Your child can also play music while sitting inside the truck. The plastic used in the making of this truck is also free of toxins.

Power Wheels Dune Racer

This powerful quad bike can house two children at a time. As a safety feature, the dike has sidebars to keep the kids safe. This is a quality product that can even bear a ten-year old’s weight. The battery on this bike is long-lasting but takes some time to recharge.

So, invest in this quad bike, and your kids will no longer fight for space.

Honda Pink HD Camo Utility

Toddlers and young kids can use this realistic quad bike. This is like a personal mini ATV for your kid to enjoy. This Kids electric quad bike also has buttons that your kids can press to play songs.

This quad bike also has safety features and wide tires for maximum comfort and traction. So, this is also a great product to consider for your kids.


Safety Tips while riding electric quad bikes.

  • Kids must wear protective gear while riding the bike.
  • Only one child should sit on the bike at a time.
  • The quad bike must not be ridden on rocky roads, or places unfamiliar to the child.
  • Always maintain the bike by following instructions on the manual.
  • Make sure to follow proper guidance as they can cause hazards if rode without proper guidance and supervision.
  • Rollovers can cause astonishing hazards that might affect kids for life. Avoid breakers, most common rollover causes.

Final Verdict

So, the final decision on whether kids electric quad bikes by Peg Perego are worth buying or not? According to the reviews by our valuable customers and expert opinions, we can never disagree that this electric quad bike is outstanding.

If you want a reasonably priced baby products with safety features and accessories, do check our store for more products. We have a wide range of kids electric quad bikes available at top dog babies.

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