Newborn Baby Development – The Accessories And Toys

newborn baby development

Newborn Baby Development – The Accessories And Toys

Welcome to our article on newborn baby development. While growing up, each child goes through general patterns of development that are known as developmental milestones. Milestones are things that most children can do or should learn by a certain age.

There are five main aspects of a child’s development:

  • Cognitive skills – involve a child’s ability to learn and solve problems
  • Language and literacy skills – ability to understand and use language
  • Social and emotional skills – represent a child’s ability to manage emotions and establish and keep positive relationships
  • Gross motor skills – the development of large muscles
  • Fine motor development – smaller muscle group development (hands and fingers).

While all kids go through the same developmental stages, each child meets the milestones at his or her individual pace. To reach their developmental goals, children need to be constantly challenged and stimulated. Play, toys, and kids’ accessories are the main tools that help your child grow, develop, and learn.

Every parent wants to be prepared when the new baby arrives at the family. To help you choose the accessories that will boost your baby’s development, here are some insights on what to include to your newborn baby essential checklist and why are these items important.

Age-Appropriate Toys

When buying newborn baby essentials, the two main factors you should consider are the toy’s safety, and your child’s developmental needs. If a toy doesn’t match the evolving skills and abilities, your baby won’t be able to gain the full benefits of it.

Toys and accessories make everyday life much easier and fun. But not only that. They also boost infants’ development and help acquire knowledge about the world around them. In short, each new color, shape, texture, and sound is a new learning opportunity for your baby’s developing brain.

By providing safe, quality, and age-appropriate toys, you are helping your baby explore her senses and learn about her surroundings. Infants use their senses for exploration, learning, and discovery. To encourage your baby’s development, choose toys that he can hold, shake, “taste”, bang, and drop.

When babies start developing new motor skills, their play becomes more coordinated and complex. This is the right time to introduce new toys such as stacking cups, blocks, ring stacks, rattles, push-pull toys, musical toys, and other age-appropriate toys.

For example, toys like blocks help infants develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Musical toys boost your child’s senses, language, imagination, hand-eye coordination, and much more.

Toys are important but your presence is invaluable. So, make sure to find time to play with your baby as often as possible because interaction during play helps kids learn about language, emotional expression, cooperation, cause and effect, and much more.

Personalised Peter Rabbit Pull-Along

Newborn Baby Essential Checklist: Baby Pushchairs & Infant Car Seats

Baby pushchairs are one of the baby essentials that make every parent’s life easier, especially when traveling. A pushchair is one of the most important items to buy while you’re expecting.

As these accessories are not cheap, it is significant that you make the right choice when buying a pushchair for your newborn. Consider good baby pushchairs that have a solid restraint system to provide the essential safety for your baby. A reliable pushchair and stroller should keep your child secured on the seat, preventing the chances of slipping. Also, good baby pushchairs protect the environment and easy mobility. When buying these baby essentials, always choose strollers and pushchairs that provide extra usability and efficiency with a travel system and a matching car seat.

Twin pushchairs will make your life much easier if you have twins or children that are close in age as they allow you to travel with your kids safely and conveniently.

Infant car seats are a legal requirement. You must always ensure that your child travels in a car seat. Kids up the age of 12 or 150 cm should use a car seat. Selecting the right car seat is essential because using the inappropriate car seat not only breaks the law but also risks the safety of your child. Always make sure to check the age group of the car seat purchase the correct age group car seat for your baby.

Other Newborn Baby Essentials: Baby Walkers & High Chairs

Your baby can start using a walker when at least four months old. Baby walkers help kids learn the basics of walking and gain strength and coordination in their legs. Baby walkers are not only great support but also a source of play and fun. Many walkers have toys attached to them (or leave the possibility to attach toys), providing a fun and safe way for your infant to play and explore.

Feeding a baby is always fun. And messy. Babies love playing with food, not to push your buttons, but to explore, learn, and have fun. A high chair is the best way to cut down the mess your baby is making while eating. The trays on high chairs are designed to catch the food and they are removable and easy to clean.

Moreover, high chairs help your child develop table manners and good eating habits from an early age, and therefore are a must-have on your newborn baby essentials checklist. Finally, high chairs are made in many different styles, colors, and designs, encouraging play and learning.

Graco Table2Boost 3in1 Highchair-Breton Stripe

Why Is Play Important for Your Child’s Development?

Play is an essential part of your child’s development because free, unstructured play helps kids explore the world around them, gain knowledge about their environment, express their thoughts and feelings, learn how to resolve conflicts, and to interact with others.

Free play sparks a child’s imagination and creativity helps explore language, build the vocabulary, express ideas, make connections, search for and provide information, and develop humor. Also, play helps children understand cause and effect and anticipate and predict outcomes.

Toys encourage development regardless of a child’s age. They engage kids’ senses, encourage learning, problem-solving skills, and sensory exploration. Age-appropriate toys spark imagination and creativity, boost language and speech development, promote hand-eye coordination, and fine and gross motor skills.

Using a variety of toys and baby accessories, your child will develop, learn, and build up interests and curiosity.

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