Survival chance for premature babies

Past On Babies Delivered At 22 Weeks

In the past babies born at 22 weeks were considered to not be able to survive. However now due to advances in medicine, this isn’t the case. This is according to new guidelines.

The British Association of Perinatal Medicine previously advised doctors to only administer life saving treatments to babies over 23 weeks. This meant babies delivered from 22 weeks had no chance of survival.

Advances in Medicines

Over the years their have been significant advances in the medical field. We also have better equipment in special baby units. With these combined it is now possible that babies born from 22 weeks can survive.

On the negative side the chances of survival remain low. Their are reports that a third of babies born at 22 weeks now survive. However seven out of ten babies born at this age sadly die despite treatments.

186 babies delivered at 22 weeks in 2016 survived. On the negative side 300 passed away.
A further 140 babies were not in a condition where saving them was an option. Extra care was given to easy suffering.

In August of 2018, Reuben and Jensen Powell became the youngest pre term twin boys in the United Kingdom to survive birth. They were born at 22 weeks and six days.

A professor of medical ethics at Oxford University said that providing treatments to premature babies wasn’t always “The Right Thing To Do”.

2019 has seen babies being saved who previously would not have survived. “This is fantastic news”.

However, BAPM advise babies born before 22 weeks will have no chance of survival. This is due to their lungs being too underdeveloped.

Future For Babies Delivered At 22 Weeks

Due to the ever growing advances in medicine babies are being given the best chance of survival!

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