Moses Baskets

Moses Baskets are an essential for the first six months of our babies lives. Here is our Moses Basket News Article for you to enjoy.
Did you know, you don’t need to spend lots of money on a Moses Basket. They are only used for a few months. 
You can purchase Moses Baskets that look good and still provide the support your baby needs to sleep safely.

You don’t need to be an expensive Moses Basket, even though they are essential for the early months. Your baby will quickly outgrow their Moses Basket. You can purchase a wide range for £50 or less! Nearly all Moses baskets are made using natural materials. They all have a hood and a mattress to provide a safe and comfy sleeping space for your baby.

Moses Basket stands

You can also purchase a Moses basket stand. These come in two styles. They can either be stationery or they can move back and forth. If you opt for a moving stand you can rock your baby to sleep!

However, you don’t have to buy a stand if you prefer not too. You can put the basket on the floor. Never put your basket on a high surface!

Convenience of a Moses Basket

Moses baskets are so ideal as they are so portable. You can easily move them around from room to room so you can move baby into the room where you need to be.

However, please do not move your Moses basket while your baby is inside it as this is a safety risk!

Age suitability

Most Moses baskets are for newborns, to be used for the first 3-4 months of age. This can be up to six months.

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