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Here is our online shopping news article for you to enjoy. Online shopping is more and more popular and important in many people’s lives. Many of us including students and parents use internet shopping to buy products at affordable prices. The freedom of online shopping lets us buy from our homes without the pressure of heading out to the shops.

Customers and businesses see online shopping as cheaper and an easier way to do their shopping. On the negative side just like with anything their are also risks. You can find out how to protect yourself below.

So How Does Online Shopping Work?

You can buy online the same products that you can buy in stores. Online you can even get better deals and savings using discount codes and offers.

Finding a Product using online shopping

Shopping online can be as simple as typing in what you are looking for into a search engine such as Google. However if you know where you wish to buy the item from you wouldn’t need to do this.

Most retailers online will show you a picture of the product, a description and of course the price!

Smaller business who do not create a website to sell their products use sites such as E-bay and Amazon (links below). These people will more than likely pay a monthly fee for this service.

Purchasing and Delivery of your product 

After finding the product you wish to purchase you can add it to your basket and continue to checkout. Here you will have the option to pay in a selection of ways. Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card or some stores offer payment plans. Here is where you can also select your shipping. Faster shipping may cost you extra but majority of the time standard shipping can be free.

Advantages of Online Shopping

Buying online has many advantages, find these below:

  •  Saving on cost – You can save on fuel as you don’t need to drive to the shops. You can also save on paying to park your car. You may also find deals and sale items or discount codes to save you money when buying online.
  •  Convenience – Online shopping is easy, you don’t need to leave your home! This can be great if you have small children!
  •  Comparison – You can easily compare prices from different stores online, this saves you going from store to store to compare prices.
  •  Wide Variety available – The internet does not require any shelf space, this makes it easier for stores to offer a wider variety of products.
  •  Pressure – You will not have a worker in the store trying to pressure you into buying anything. You can either buy or not buy at your leisure.

On the negative side you also have disadvantages

 Unfortunately their is also some disadvantages to be aware of. These are listed below:

  •  Fraud – If the seller is a fraudster, they might take your money and not send your item! However, this is highly unlikely with bigger retailers. You may also end up with the wrong item. Returning products bought online is not as easy as popping into the store.
  •  Identity theft risk – When paying for things online, unfortunately it can be easy for fraudsters to get your personal information. They could gain your name, address, phone number and even card details. 

How can we protect ourselves whilst online shopping

Above all, the advanatges do outweigh the disadvantages. However still be sure to take note of them as they are important.  

Below you can find some tips on protecting your information whilst online shopping.

  •  Antivirus – You can install an antivirus software to your computer. This will protect you from viruses.
  •  Be vigilant – Always be careful and take note of what information you are being asked for. For example if an online retailer is asking for you National Insurance number this is most certainly a scam! Be sure to exit the website immediately.
  •  Do your research – Always use a reputable search engine to research any retailer you are unsure of.
  •  Terms and Conditions – Check the sellers terms and conditions. Some will not accept returns while others only accept returns within a certain period of time.

Finally, to sum things up. Buying online can be great but make sure you protect yourself! Something to think about – If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.

We hope you enjoyed our Online Shopping News Article.

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