Should Dogs sleep on our beds

A new survey shows that more and more of us are letting our dogs sleep on our beds. This is totally up to the owner but we should also think about the wellbeing of our dogs.

Many of us dog owners fall into a bad habit of letting them choose where in the house to sleep. Some even letting their dogs sleep in bed with them.

On the negative side dogs can transmit diseases and make us sick if we let them sleep in our beds. However most owners see their dogs as a family member and want them to feel happy and safe.

It is also important to educate our dogs so they obey our orders. We must treat our pets like pets and not children. This is a mistake many owners make!

Where Should Your Dog Sleep? If not on our beds!

Dogs should only sleep in an area that has been made for your dog to sleep. The area should mean your dog is alone and the area should be quiet. You can buy you dog a comfy dog bed here:

Dogs should also have access to their bowls for food and water.

A space in our home that is outside our living space is the best place to put your dog bed. We must teach our dog this is the place to be sleeping and not give in to their cries.

Many of us see our dogs as members of the family. However we must follow these tips to ensure our dogs listen and respect us as owners.


Our dogs are very important to us, we treat them like a child so we will let you decide if you think your dog should sleep in your bed or not!

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