Game Face® Sports Youth / Medium Safety Mask (Smoke)

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Game Face® Sports Youth / Medium Safety Mask (Smoke)

Game Face® youth safety mask is a safety device specifically designed to protect the face in various sports, reducing the chance of facial and dental injuries. Key features and benefits include:Made of ultra-lightweight and extremely strong polycarbonate (same material that makes up bullet-proof glass) – benefit: provides lightweight protection.Unique honeycomb design – benefit: gives strike bar superior strength.Ventilated – benefit: provides cooling and visibility.High-impact adjustable foam pads – benefit: provides maximum comfort and protection.For youth head sizes up to 21 7/8″ – benefit: specifically designed to fit and protect youth heads.Also available in an Adult Game Face® Safety Mask (Smoke), Adult Game Face®Safety Mask (Clear) or Youth Game Face® Safety Mask (Clear).Customers buy this item with Heart-Gard Chest Protection SystemCF by Heart-Gard

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