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Baby cot blankets are absolutely loved by babies for their comfort. They make them feel safe and secure.

  1.  Different types of material are available. For example, you can choose cotton or fleece.
  2.  You can purchase various different designs too. You can also get a personalised blanket. This can be kept as a keep sake for when your baby grows up.
  3.  Different colours. You can buy blue blankets for boys. Pink blankets for girls. However you can also buy white/cream which are classed as unisex blankets.
  4.  Blankets can also be purchased in many different fun character styles, for example, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Rabbit, Tatty Teddy.

Lastly, what ever you choose we have something for everyone. We recommend trying various types of material so you can find out which ones your baby prefers.

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