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Cheap cot beds here in our cot bed sale.

Lets find out how to choose the perfect baby cot bed. There are several designs to choose from indeed:

  • Adjustable heights – Most cots have adjustable mattress heights which means you can use the cot as your baby grows.
  • Storage – Some have storage at the bottom. This can be useful if you have limited storage. You can get two or three drawers underneath. These are useful for storing clothes in.
  • Cot-top changer – this is a changing unit that might be included in your cot set. It comes with a changing mat and can help you save a lot of space.
  • Travel cot – A travel cot is a foldable version of a standard baby cot. It is lightweight and user-friendly, so you can use it on the go when needed.

You will then need to select a mattress. First of all, this needs to fit the cot correctly. The gap between the mattress and the cot can be no more than 4 cm, which is a safety measure and prevents your baby from getting stuck. The size of the mattress required will be specified in the product description.

You will find cot beds in many different styles and designs. You can also get one which converts into a toddler bed too. This saves you money.

Save money whilst shopping online. The best top deals online are here. So now lets take a look at our cheap cot beds in our cot bed sale below.

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