Infant Car Seat Sale

Infant car seat sale listed here for you to browse and take advantage of. We have cheap car seats and also top car seats all on sale for you.

Did you know:

  • Car seats are a legal requirement. This means that children up the age of twelve or 150cm (which ever comes first) should use a car seat.
  • You won’t get in trouble for using a seatbelt with children twelve years or younger who is taller than 135cm.
  • Using the wrong car seat not only breaks the law but also risks the safety of your child.

The only times where the car seat laws does not apply are:

  1.  In Taxis
  2. When there is no space for A third Car seat in the rear.

There are various types of infant car seat and you must ensure you choose the right car seat for your child. Cheap car seats can be found here as all our car seats are on sale.

Please always check the group of the car seat you are looking to purchase. Different car seats are for different age groups. You must ensure you purchase the correct group car seat for your child.

You must always ensure that your child travels in a car seat. If you don’t you risk breaking the law. On the negative side you also risk the safety of your child.

We certainly have some top deals online here for you. Infant car seat sale can be found in the list below.

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