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We love our beds indeed and so do our pets. Treat them with these sale items

The benefits of a dog bed:

  1.  Health – No one would like to sleep on a hard floor, human or pet! Dogs may develop health issues if they sleep on a hard floor. In addition to this it can be restless for them, this will lead to more problems for your dog. Dogs with weaker joints and also dogs that are overweight will find it even more uncomfortable to sleep on a hard floor. This is why we recommend a bed for you dog.
  2.  Care and maintenance – During winter periods your dog may get cold if they are sleeping on the floor. This can lead to health problems for them. They love to sleep in a warm safe bed just the same as we do.
  3.  Privacy – Just like us humans, dogs also need their own space. As dogs sleep for roughly 12 hours per day, they need to do this calmly and safely.
  4.  Your furniture! – Dogs beds will help with keeping your furniture clean and scratch free. They can also dribble in their sleep!
  5. Hygiene – Also, it is not very hygienic to let your dog sleep on your sofa as they carry a lot of dirt on their paws. A dog bed can be washed easily. Dogs are in the garden a lot which means they will bring in dirt and bacteria on their paws.

Finally to sum things up: A dog bed is much better all round for the hygiene and health of your dog.

Please take a look at our top dog bed sale below:

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