Toy Story Toys

Toy Story toys sale. Wide variety of toys at discounted prices shown on this page.

Firstly, Kids love Disney and this can be expensive, on the positive side these are all discounted. Disney is a big hit with the kids indeed!

Secondly lets take a look at some fun Disney facts:

  •  Goofy was Disney’s personal favourite character.
  •  Mickey Mouse was originally called Mortimer Mouse.
  •  Mickey Mouse first starred in an animated film in 1928.
  •  In 1955 the first Disney Land ticket cost just $1
  •  Walt Disney in Florida covers nearly 40 square miles.
  •  ESPN is 80% owned by Disney
  •  Pluto was named after the planet.

Finally lets take a look at some Toy Story toys sale items that we have for you below.

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