BeSafe iZi Flex FIX i-Size High-Back Booster Group 2/3 Car Seat, Cloud Melange


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Suitable for 100-150cm (4-12 years approx) Approved to the latest UN R129-02 (i-Size) regulation Isofix compatable This BeSafe high-back booster is the first High-back Booster on the market meeting the new i-Size/R129 regulations and offers both safety and comfort for your growing child. Developed for real-life situations, the seat protects your child with safety features that even go beyond what is required by the regulation. Great for large families, this seat offers high standards of comfort and flexibility that enables easy adjustment, quick installation and space for up to three children in one row. Key features: Unique ‘bumpers’ offer flexible side-impact-protection and option to fit three seats and/or people in a row Flexible Side-impact-protection ‘bumpers’ and SIP+ (Side impact protection shock-absorber for the vehicle door side PAD+ helps protect the chin hitting the chest in a forward impact and makes the belt more comfortable on the neck Lap belt guider is soft for comfort and ensures the belt is in the correct position on the child with a recline/sleeping option for when your child needs it Grows tall and is easily adjusted form either side Substantial head protection designed for comfort and to protect the head in a side impact Specially shaped shoulder belt guides prevent the belt from twisting Can be used either with the Isofix or just vehicle seat belt In the Spring edition of the 2018 consumer test, the German test institute ADAC confirmed iZi Flex FIX i-Size’s performance by giving it “Good” scores in all tested categories. It is the only seat in the test that managed to combine an outstanding side impact score of 1,2 with great results in “space for the child” and “space usage in the car”, making it the ideal combination of safety, comfort and space flexibility. Safety: Under no circumstances should a car seat be used on a passenger seat where there is an airbag. Correct fitting of all car seats and boosters is of paramount importance to make them most effective in the event of an accident. Not all car seats fit all cars and it is important to check for fitting suitability on all cars you intend fitting the seat to, as well as re-checking if you change your car. Always read the instruction booklet which comes with your car seat to achieve a safe and correct fitting, retaining the guide for future reference. We recommend fitting your car seat in advance of first using it. We recommend that babies shouldn`t be left in Group 0/0+ car seats (infant carriers) for prolonged periods. Suitability: Please make sure that you check the car seat you choose is suitable for your car before ordering. Some of our shops offer a car seat fit test, where a Nursery advisor will test the display model in your car to check that it will fit properly. Please contact your local shop to see if this service is available. Alternatively, please contact the car seat manufacturer who will be able to advise whether their model will be suitable for your car. Find your nearest department store Car seats are categorised into the following groups and it is imperative that a category is chosen so the child`s weight falls within the range indicated: Car Seat groups: Group Child’s weight approx. age of child 0 birth up to 10kg/22lb birth up to 6-9 months 0+ birth up to 13kg/29lb birth up to 12-15 months 0+ & 1 birth up to 18kg/40lb birth to up to about 4 years 1 9-18kg/20-40lb about 9 months to 4 years 1 & 2 9-25kg/20-55lb about 9 months to 6 years 2 15-25kg/33-55lb about 4 to 6 years 1, 2, 3 9-36kg/20-79lb about 9 months to 12 years 2 & 3 15-36kg/33-79lb about 4-12 years Note: some car seats will be approved in two or more groups.


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