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Best Rated Dog Shampoo – Nature’s Groom Whiffy Dog with Tea Tree – 400ml

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Natures Groom Stinky Dog with Tea Tree Shampoo Everyone get’s really smelly dogs in the salon! Allow this natural shampoo to remove odours, using a special combination of ingredients including organic Tea Tree Oil, which is renowned for its odour removing properties. The dog’s coat will be soft, thoroughly cleaned and smell great! Organic Tea Tree Oil Suitable for all coat types Dilution 25:1 Vegan Approved Made in UK Organic Eco-Friendly Nature’s Groom is the only Vegan approved pet grooming range on the market, meaning our range has undergone stringent checks to meet strict criteria and standards. All Nature’s Groom shampoos, colognes and conditioners are made in the UK, which we felt was the only choice to ensure quality is second to none and uses only the finest ingredients. All shampoos, conditioners and colognes are natural and contrain organic extracts and oils, to make sure you are giving every coat the finest ingredients for superb results. The Nature’s Groom range of brushes and tools use eco-friendly materials, with recycled packaging and ties, made from bamboo and rubber, meaning they do not contain any wood or plastic.



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