Clair De Lune Travel and Change Mat


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Clair De Lune Stars & Stripes Roly Poly Travel and Change Mat. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars for this handy, on the go changing mat! We’re here to give you a helping hand at nappy changing time with the handy, on the go Roly Poly Travel and Change Mat. A unique design, the Roly Poly rolls up into a small sausage shape and tucks into the slip cover on the reverse to hold it together. Includes a loop handle for those quick dashes into the baby change. Perfect for late night nappy changes too, the Roly Poly is super soft on your baby’s tush and includes a towelling top layer that’s backed with water-resistant fabric for any accidents. You can easily remove the top layer and throw it into the washing machine (simple!). As the changing mat is made from super soft cotton and fluffy terry towelling it’s perfect for both playtime and tummy time! When rolled up, it creates a firm, compact support for your baby and can be used as a feeding pillow and a support pillow while learning to sit up or in the high-chair. A superb gifting choice for all new parents!


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