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Exploring Colour in Knitting

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Combining yarns to make coloured patterns is one of the most enjoyable aspects of knitting. Exploring Colour in Knitting is packed with all the guidance and advice you will need to confidently knit with colour. First the book looks at understanding colour – from hue families to warm and cool colours, brights, pastels and neutrals, tints, tones and shades. Next, a section on proportion and stitchwork explores how to combine various colours and the effects different stitches have on a colour. A section on colour and decoration offers advice on using embellishments such as beads, sequins, buttons and edgings, as well as tips on adding motifs and embroidery to your work. Chapters on Fair Isle and intarsia investigate the ways that these techniques affect colour relations from traditional patterns through to modern interpretations. Eleven specially selected projects demonstrate the most effective ways to experiment with colour. Brimming with essential advice and ideas this invaluable book is the last word on colour knitting.



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