John Lewis & Partners Premium Foam Moses Basket Mattress, 74 x 28cm


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A soft and comfortable, supportive foam mattress, ideal for a moses basket. Featuring a removable cover that can be washed for ease of care, the fabrics used in the composition of this water-repellent creating an ideal sleeping environment for your baby. Good things to note when buying your mattress: Always check the mattress size you’ve bought is the correct one for the size of your crib/cot/cotbed before removing from the packaging. Please ensure to always store the mattress flat or in the crib/cot/cotbed, not upright. Due to the nature of shipping, (once the packaging has been removed and safely disposed of) please allow 24-48 hours for the mattress to settle before use. Please check that any fitted sheets used are the correct size for the mattress. Sheets that are too tight may compress the mattress, leaving a larger than is safe gap between the mattress and the cot/crib. This also applies to sheets that may have shrunk in the wash.


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