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Miniland Warmy Travel Bottle Warmer-Aqua

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Plug warmy travel into a in-car charging point and it will begin heating any baby jar, pouch or bottle ? in just 40-45 minutes ? making mealtimes easy whilst adventuring out and about. Complete with a safe switch-off system, warmy travel turns off automatically after use, preventing overheating. With its water-proof casing, it protects against any spillages from happening in the car. As well as warming bottles, jars or pouches, warmy travel also keeps food cool on a hot day. The insulated zipped carry bag maintains the temperature ? both hot or cold! Complete with Velcro fasteners, it can be attached to a stroller, infant carrier or bags, making mealtimes on the go – simple. Features: Increase in temperature: max 65 °C on internal electronic thermostat Connection to car lighter: 12 V DC, 11 W, 800 ? 1000 mA max Heats baby bottles/food jars Automatic start-up on connection Heating time: 30 to 40 minutes on average Protection system from overheating



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