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REXEL Auto 90X Cross Cut Paper Shredder

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Top features: – Auto feed effortlessly get the job done – Shreds credit cards, staples and paperclips – 20 litre bin capacity gives you plenty of room Auto feedSimply let the Rexel Auto+ 90X Cross Cut Shredder do all the hard work for you. Load up to 90 sheets of A4 paper and sit back as they’re shredded into P-3 cross cut pieces for your peace of mind.Shreds credit cards, staples and paperclipsGet straight to shredding without hassle or worry. It can tackle a variety of materials including staples and paperclips, so you don’t need to meticulously separate large documents.Intelligent jam clearance has you covered if a non-compatible material does manage to find its way into the shredder.20 litre bin capacityIdeal for a small home office or personal use, the bin can hold up to 150 sheets of paper so you won’t have to empty it frequently. The full bin indicator lets you know when it’s time to empty it and keep things running seamlessly.



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