Sportswear Deals – The Benefits Of The Right Clothing

Sportswear Deals – The benefits of the right clothing

Firstly, welcome to our sportswear deals article and the benefits of the right clothing. Accessing regular exercise has a multitude of health and wellbeing benefits, as we know. Whether you’re walking the dog or attending your weekly ‘body blast’ class, wearing the right clothes will not only improve motivation, but performance too.

The clothes you choose to wear to your next exercise session can in turn have a big impact on how well you perform. Both men and women’s fitness clothing can actually boost your self-confidence and get you in the right mind frame to smash your health and wellbeing goals. Here at ​Topdogbabies​ we have an extensive range of men’s fitness clothing and women’s fitness clothes to get you into the right gear and the right mindset for exercise. Read on as we share how wearing appropriate fitness apparel can supercharge your gains!

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Sweat Session

Most forms of exercise, especially at the right tempo will encourage your body to sweat. Sweating in a cotton t-shirt or baggy trousers can deplete your performance as well as being unhygienic and even unsightly.
If your aiming to sweat a lot then fitness clothing needs to be appropriate to manage your changing body temperate and the perspiration your body excretes.

Having breathable materials and technology in your fabrics can help to wick away, or remove the sweat from the body. By removing this moisture away from the skin, the correct fitness clothing can keep you cool, dry and in the game! Click here​ to scroll through a variation of performance fabric clothing for your workout. The more the appropriate your fitness clothing the less sweat will be around the body and fewer chances of bacteria harboring here.

No more smelly, sweat heavy cotton-based workout clothes, find the right top with the right technology and your next sweat session will get the right results.

Longer Lasting

If you find that you are constantly washing and going through lots faded and below par t-shirts and shorts then it’s time for change.

Having the appropriate fitness clothing for your workouts can extend the life of your clothes. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get long lasting workout clothes.
The right workout clothes will be extra durable meaning you can get lots of use out of it. Rather than just your trusty ‘old’ t-shirt that you wear for every occasion, we provide performance sportswear that you can rely on time and time again.
Durable, long lasting fitness clothes will be quite literally be by your side every workout, and if you feel good, feel comfortable then your performance will be even better.


Choosing the right workout clothing can help you get the most out of your exercise. The appropriate men’s fitness clothing will protect you from the weather and immediate environment. This protection will give you an edge over your competitors.

Whether you’re planning on going for a hot summer’s run or dog walk, or pounding the pavements during a winter’s night then having the right gear is paramount.
Purchasing loose clothing and breathable fabrics is crucial for a hot sweaty workout. The right fitness clothing will help to keep your body cool and stop you from overheating. Even down to the colours you wear in the sun will improve your performance, for example lighter colours help to reflect the sun, allowing your body to remain cool and perform longer.

During your colder exercise session, you can use the right gear to stay warm and protect yourself against the natural elements and environment.
Under clothing skins, or base layers can allow your body to breath as well as support your muscles to stay warm with compression Technology. On top it would be wise to choose a well-ventilated outer layer that helps your body control its temperature.

Layers are your friend during winter workouts as you can push yourself knowing you can take layers off and continue to have appropriate fitness clothing underneath. There is nothing so damaging to your performance than not having the ability to remove clothing or letting in the wind, cold and rain. Get the right gear, get the right results.

Comfort Zone

Ironically staying in your comfort zone won’t help you reach your health and fitness goals. But if you feel comfortable in your fitness clothing then stepping out of your comfort zone will be so much easier.
If you don’t feel comfortable, whether that’s a restricted range of movement due to clothing or material that doesn’t sit well on the skin then this will stunt performance.

Hitting the gym in the wrong women’s fitness clothes such as ill-fitting trainers, an uncomfortable “sports” bra or a t-shirt that is too tight will hinder what you aim to achieve that session.
When choosing fitness clothing opt for fabrics and styles that are well fitted with wicking technology. Feeling comfortable and confident in the right gym-wear can make a huge difference to how you feel and what you do during exercise.

The moment you feel self-conscious, restricted and uncomfortable with your clothes is the moment your workout gains end, and this could be before you’ve even started.

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Move More

Why not swap the jeans your wear on your dog walk with a pair of workout leggings or sports shorts. Wearing jeans or a jumper to any form of exercise will inhibit your range of movement.
Most clothing isn’t durable, breathable or comfortable for exercise and is certainly not suitable in a gym environment, so why wear it on your dog walk?!

The right fitness clothing can drastically improve your range of motion, don’t be held back by your gym gear. Choosing workout clothes that are breathable, flexible and free can improve the length of time you exercise.
The clothes you choose to wear can boost your ability to perform; whether its feeling comfortable for longer on your daily walk or looking to shave seconds a high-speed exercise, you should be able to depend on your clothes.

For better performance ensure that your gym clothes provide the necessary range of motion you need to complete your workout effectively. Boost your confidence in what you wear by choosing to be comfortable before, during and after your workout.

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