The Student Essentials List

The Student Essentials List Introduction

Welcome to our article on the student essentials list. Being a student is fun! Getting to socialise with friends new and existing, facing new and exciting experiences all whilst getting a valuable, lifelong education. What about the messier and less organised parts of student life, however? Going from class to class, taking and returning stationery, books, rulers, calculators out of your bag. Things get messy. We are here to help though! At Topdogbabies, we have compiled a list of the most important student essentials to help maintain your organisation throughout the busy school year.

Stationery – Student Essentials

Stationery is definitely a given when you are a student. Even in schools, colleges and universities moving to digital note taking. Stationery such as pens and pencils will still be required for many purposes. Therefore, it is important you get the best quality packs of stationery, which is where we can help!
Regardless of gender and taste, we have something for you.

If you are a glitter and sparkles aficionado, then our “Glitter Is My Favourite Colour” stationery box is right for you. You can show off your love of the best ‘colour’, glitter, whilst ensuring all your notes and other pens and pencils remain organised in a handy box. This can be kept on either a desk or in a school bag! Buy it here:
Glitter is my favourite colour stationery box

Glitter is My Favourite Colour Stationery Box

That is not all we have got though, we also have our wonderful underwater friends, mermaids! You can show your love for mermaids (who are, of course, very real) through our “Mermazing” stationery box which you can buy here:

Mermazing Glitter Stationery Box

Those are only our personal favourites though. From mermaids to magical wizards, we are sure to have a stationery box who will suit you or the person you are buying for!

Lunch Boxes

Flamingo Design Lunch Boxes - Set Of 3

Pens and pencils are great and will get you through your classes, but what about eating? Eating a healthy balanced diet is very important to help with a student’s attentiveness, and to stave off hunger during long days at school. Packed lunch boxes are an excellent way of storing fruit, sandwiches and treats in a stylish yet protective container, and Topdogbabies has many in store for you!

If you wish to have one that is truly yours, why not have it personalised? We have a whole host of personalised lunch boxes which can have a person’s name on it. As well as being truly unique, it means that it is less likely to vanish! Our cute range of personalised lunch boxes are available here:

But even without personalisation, you can still have an amazingly cute and useful lunchbox! We have many interesting designs which will please anybody, but a couple of our personal favourites are the “Percy The Puffin” lunchbox which is perfect for small children as well as the “Talented Suppertime Lunch Bag”. We understand it is not a lunchbox, but a lunch bag would be perfect for those who are a bit older and going to college or university. It does not even need to be for just lunch! You can keep anything in a lunch bag, from coursework to a laptop, so it is perfectly versatile for busy students!

Water Bottles

Chasing Rainbows Water Bottle

Water bottles are perfect for school or an education setting! In order to learn efficiently and be comfortable throughout, it is important that you stay hydrated. That is why we sell a number of different water bottles with different interesting styles, just pick one that suits you!
Just as we provide personalised lunch boxes, so too can you personalise your water bottle as well.

Our “Personalised Pink Heart Water Bottle” is perfect for those who want to compliment their personalised lunch box, or if they just want to add a hint of uniqueness and personalisation to their student essentials! You can buy this adorable bottle right here:

We also have slightly more inexpensive options, which remain watertight and are free from harmful CFCs commonly found in standard plastic water bottles. These can be reused as well, providing a substantial helping hand for the environment. You can show your colours with these too! Our “Chasing Rainbows” water bottle gives you the pop of colour you need, whilst remaining hydrated and healthy! Chase some rainbows here:
And if the products we have elected as our favourites do not take your fancy, we have a range of other water bottles on our Topdogbabies site!

Laptop Bags

GOJI GFLB13 16" Laptop Bag - Birdhouse

So, you have your stationery and sustenance, great! But this is 2020, a world where we are moving more to technology than using pen and paper, especially towards the end of secondary and, subsequently, higher education. Therefore, you want to be able to keep up with the times while remaining stylish and practical. Topdogbabies have a stylish range of laptop bags for everyone, which also protect your laptop from any nasty bumps and unnecessary damage.

We sell a range of Esperos laptop cases for everyone. Maintaining a hip style whilst being protective of your valuable laptop, they ensure that you can carry around that expensive piece of technology with ease, all while keeping your digital work protected from harm. Have a look at this eye-catching blue variation here:

But we also sell luxury brands of laptop bags for anyone with any budget and taste. The elegant Versace 1969 laptop bag is perfect for any laptop, being a sturdy, versatile bag while remaining classy and sophisticated. We have heavy discounts on premium brands, so why not buy now?


It is also important to remember that student essentials do not just end with what gets taken to school, college or university. If you want to do well, you need to study at home. That is why Topdogbabies sell a range of desks and chairs in order to make that perfect study area.

Starting with the desk, we have a range of desks with a range of prices. Ranging from expensive oak wood desks, to our more simplistic and modern range of inexpensive, yet practical and well-designed ones, there will be something to suit everyone. One of our personal favourites is the “Parisot Peps Desk”. With a clean, white finish along with multiple sliding shelves, it is perfect for storing coursework and other various items!

Having a desk is all well and good, but you need somewhere to sit! We have you covered. This mesh tilting chair has the ergonomics you need for long studying sessions, and then relaxing through gaming or any other hobbies you enjoy doing, while remaining compact and able to fit in any bedroom or study room.


Emoji Stickers

We know what you are thinking, stickers are a bit elementary, right? Well, Topdogbabies is a discount store for everyone, no matter what age. Stickers can be for anyone! Particularly those who are smaller and starting school, stickers can be an interesting way to personalise your stationery and schoolwork. Stickers are a mess-free, fun way for young children to express creativity and enjoyment, so why not pick up a few packs?

For children who go catty for pets, why not get “The Secret Life of Pets 2” sticker pack? The first movie was great, so why not pick up some stickers for the second? Everybody loves cute pets, so these stickers are perfect for more than just young children. Order them here:

We also have stickers for lots of other popular children’s shows including Paw Patrol and PJ Masks. With more primary school teachers wanting kids to personalise their books and give themselves some individuality, these stickers are perfect for such a task!

Using these important student essentials, you can guarantee that you will have a great school year! With items which are stylish yet practical, you can be assured that Topdogbabies has you covered for everything, including education.

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