Top 3 Cheapest Baby Walkers for Sale Online in the UK

Top 3 Cheapest Baby Walkers for Sale Online in the UK

Is your baby ready to make the transition from crawling to being upright all the time? If so then there’s no better way to help them make this transition than a baby walker. Perfect for both entertaining your child and helping them get walking, baby’s first walker is a moment shared by all the family.

Getting baby walking usually kicks off at around 6 months old. As they grow they can go from the seated walker to the standing push along walker. In this article we solely focus on seated baby walkers for toddlers 6-24 months.

TopDogBabies have rounded up 3 of the best online deals for the cheapest baby walkers the UK has to offer. Whether they are a boy or a girl, we definitely have something for you. The brands we cover are some of the best in the UK.

Choose from KidsEmbrace, My Child and Red Kite. Each of them is well known for creating some of the best baby walkers the UK has to offer. All of which you can now buy online at hugely discounted prices.

Our pick of the 3 cheapest baby walkers you can buy online

KidsEmbrace Batman baby walker

KidsEmbrace Batman baby walker

  1. KidsEmbrace Batman baby walker

Keep your toddler entertained whilst learning to walk with this fun Batman baby walker from KidsEmbrace. Extremely lightweight, yet incredibly robust, the Batman baby walker is packed with playful features to entertain your little one for hours on end.

Your little one will explode with delight at the huge array of lights, sounds, buttons and melodies. The seating area is very comfortable and Batman livery and decals detail the walker. Suitable for ages 6 to 24 months it is now available online at a discounted price.

My Child Walk ‘N’ Rock baby walker

My Child Walk ‘N’ Rock baby walker

  1. My Child Walk ‘N’ Rock baby walker

Easily converting from a baby walker to a rocker, the My Child Walk ‘N’ Rock will aid your child in their walking quest and then comfort them when they get a little tired. Like all our low cost walkers, it’s lightweight, robust and foldable.

Your little one will love the fun features of the detachable musical play station and the comfortable seating area means they can use the walker for hours without discomfort. Additional features include speed restricting wheels and No-tip safety pads.

Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist baby walker (Spots)

Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist baby walker (Spots)

  1. Red Kite Baby Go Round Twist baby walker (Spots)

Finally, our third deal is the brightest coloured of the bunch and is the best baby walker Red Kite has to offer. The Baby G Round Twist (with spots) is a fun packed baby walker carefully design to assist any child from 6 months to get walking and have fun at the same time.

The battery powered feature tray boasts fun toys, noises, musical functions and more. Not only that, the feature tray can also be removed to create space for more toys or eating dinner. Like all our discount baby walkers it is fully adjustable, lightweight, foldable and very strong.

Considerations when buying a cheap baby walker

Although the walkers highlighted above are on offer at cheap prices, they are still some of the best you can get for your baby. As a result, you can still get a top quality baby walker at the cheapest possible online price.

When buying a seated walker you may want to consider whether you’ll always be in the room with your child. Most notably, because of reports of baby injuries occurring with unattended seated walkers. In fact there is currently an NHS recommendation of only 20 minutes per session.

It’s important to recognise that they are fully compliant with EU law and that they have had the speed at which they can move reduced to avoid tipping. On this topic you also need to watch out for your little one trapping their fingers against walls and furniture. Also don’t forget, the cheapest baby walkers are not always the worst.

3 tips for keeping baby safe with a walker

  1. Always be in the room when your baby is using the walker. This avoids the child getting into any trouble.
  2. Spend some time baby-proofing the room to ensure they cannot injure themselves by trapping fingers or rolling down stairs.
  3. Check your new baby walker meets the new EU safety standard BSEN 1273:2005 before you buy online.

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