Top Rated Baby Thermometer

top rated baby thermometer

Introduction To Top Rated Baby Thermometer

Dealing with a baby’s first fever can be scary, so be sure to have the best top rated baby thermometer in your first aid kit. Fever above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit is a serious business. Especially if the baby is less than three months old. The ‘touch test’ is not always reliable or accurate and does not tell you what the baby looks like. The best way to know if you need to make a baby thermometer specifically designed to measure and display the baby’s temperature is a trip to the emergency room. Call your paediatrician or follow the wait and see procedure Continues.

But with so many types of thermometers — oral, rectal, infrared, multiuse — it is not easy to choose which type of thermometer is best for children. We, at Top Dog Babies, are here to help you find the best baby thermometer for your needs. We have rounded up some of the top rated baby thermometers on the market today. Before we go into our best baby thermometer reviews, here are some safety precautions you need to keep in mind when measuring a baby’s temperature. Let’s have a look at how to select the best thermometer. We at top dog babies offer a variety of top rated baby thermometers.

Why Need Baby Thermometers?

Babies are sensitive, hence require extra care. Since parents use Baby specific gears, so one must use Baby Thermometers for the baby. But why can’t we use regular thermometers for babies?

Regular Oral Thermometers:

Since babies can not put the oral thermometers under their tongue. The oral ones are not appropriate. In case you are thinking to place the thermometer under the arm to monitor temperature. Let us tell you that this does not provide you with accuracy while measuring baby’s temperature.

Regular Ear Thermometers:

If you are thinking you place the thermometer inside the baby’s ear canal. Make sure you have something that can go through the small ear canal to provide you with an accurate temperature reading. Since Babies are sensitive, it is advised not to put anything through the baby’s ear canal.

Regular Mercury-in- glass Thermometers:

Since mercury is toxic, it is hazardous for the baby if the thermometer breaks. Serious health problems, which can also damage the nervous system, are linked to mercury exposure. So it is better to avoid using mercury in glass thermometers.

Hence, such a thermometer should be purchased, which will keep your little one safe and at the same time. Also provide you with an accurate reading if you feel like your baby has a fever.

Baby Thermometer- Types

When choosing a thermometer for your child, you have many different options:


Philips Avent Baby Bath and Room Digital Thermometer - Pink


This comes with a digital display and an electronic sensor on each of its ends. They are mostly used orally. It is advised to have separate ones for oral and rectal use to prevent intake and spread of germs. Moreover, digital thermometers are not the best ones for babies as recording temperature orally is not accurate. Other than that, recording a baby’s temperature orally is nearly impossible.

Non-Mercury Glass

Every child has seen mercury in glass thermometer in childhood. The typical mercury-in-glass ones had to be placed under the baby’s tongue. Temperature could be monitored according to the rise in the level of mercury. Since mercury is toxic and can cause severe health problems, this non-mercury glass thermometer comes into action.

Baby Ear Thermometers

ear thermometer


These quickly record the temperature of your baby by sensing the heat which comes from the inside of baby’s ear. In order to get a reliable, accurate reading, there should be no ear wax inside the ear canal. It is advised that the baby should be at least three months old to ensure accuracy. Moreover, the ear thermometer should be of sufficient size so it can go through the baby’s ear canal.

Oral Baby Thermometers

We do not advise you to monitor your baby’s temperature orally. Babies aren’t able to hold up the thermometer under their tongues in order to get an accurate and reliable temperature readings.

Strip Thermometers

These are different compared to temporary forehead thermometers. If a temporary thermometer is an electronic device, the strip is more of a disposable piece of plastic. This displays the temperature reading when placed on the baby’s forehead. We do not advise to use the strip ones in serious medical times since they are not accurate most of the times.

Bath Thermometers

These are used while bathing your baby. These are specially designed to measure the temperature of the water in the bathtub. These ensure that your baby is safe from major or minor burns.

How to Choose the Best Baby Thermometer?

The following things must be ensured while choosing the best baby thermometer.

It should be accurate. Accuracy is a priority and the essential thing while choosing a baby thermometer. When you are trying to check whether or not your baby has fever its necessary to make sure that the temperature reading obtained is accurate enough.

It should be consistent. Getting two different readings in a row can be frustrating. Hence, one must buy such a thermometer which gives you the same reading if readings are taken twice in a row.

Is it suitable for your baby?

Thermometers come in many varieties. Some of which are suitable for all ages. But on the other hand, there are some which are specially designed for babies. It is advised to buy such a thermometer which is suitable for the age of your baby.

It should display the right units.

Which unit do you usually use to measure temperatures? Is it Fahrenheit or Celsius? Always make sure your thermometer gives you the reading in the units followed in your country.

It must be responsive.

The thermometer must be responsive and should provide you with accurate readings in less amount of time.

It should have a display with a backlight.

Make sure your thermometer has a backlight display. You can see it in the dark while monitoring the temperature your sick baby.

Baby Thermometer Safety

Say No to Baby Thermometers with Mercury. Do you remember the old fashioned glass thermometer your mother had sticking under your tongue when you had a fever? If you have any at home, just throw them away! In addition to the dangers of broken glass, these thermometers contain mercury. This is very toxic and is the last thing you want near a baby.

Avoid pacifier thermometers. The pacifier thermometers are not very accurate. They take much longer — three to five minutes — to measure the temperature of the baby.

Use oral thermometers only for older children. Oral thermometers are very suitable for children four years of age or older, and the device is tight in the mouth.

Always make sure that your baby thermometer is clean. It doesn’t matter if you choose an ear thermometer, a rectal thermometer or a forehead thermometer, keep it clean! Also, if you have a multipurpose thermometer, try to designate it for just one use—rectal, oral or underarm—to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Always read the instructions manual. It will guide you on how to use the thermometer. Other than that, never leave the baby unattended while checking his/her temperature.

Final Verdict:

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