Top Rated Kids Scooters – EVO 3 Wheeled Mini Cruiser

Introduction to top rated kids scooters

Toddlers and younger kids, in general, can benefit from using top rated kids scooters like this 3 wheeled mini cruiser. This is a natural way of helping your kid in finding his balance by playing around. Since these scooters are very easy to learn, they’ll help boost your child’s confidence. By using the EVO 3 wheeled mini cruiser scooter, your kid can go places and learn new things. Once they learn to use them properly, they can even use them outside.

But why you should choose the EVO 3 Wheeled Mini Cruiser Scooter? Well, the first benefit you’re getting here is quality. Other than that, the best quality materials on the scooter are used to give your kid a safe riding experience. Moreover, a colorful designed has also been in addition to the quality materials to make the scooter stand out. The mixture of all these qualities makes mini cruiser one of the Top rated kids scooters.

To help you gain a better perspective on the EVO 3 Wheeled Mini Cruiser Scooter, we conclude with a final review that outlines the advantages, and accessories included in the packaging, and what makes this scooter to get into our list of Top rated kids scooters. We are always making sure to deliver you the best products available in the market. You’ll find Top rated kid’s scooters, which are recommended by experts and many parents, on Top Dog Babies.

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What makes this scooter different from others?

Here are some qualities of EVO 3 Wheeled Mini Cruiser Scooter.

· Ease of Using

Toddlers can easily grasp the way the EVO 3 wheeler scooter operates. The deck is made wider and lower to help your kid use it easily. The effective braking system ensures that the scooter stops quickly whenever the brake is pressed.

· Sturdy Materials

Best materials are used in the production of this mini cruiser. This enables the scooter to withstand anything that the kids might do while learning. Other than that, padded handles are used to provide comfort to your kids. The lightweight body makes pushing and controlling the scooter easier than ever. It has a maximum weight limit of 20kg. Thus, it is suitable for kids between 3-8 years of age.

· Catchy Design and Colors

This 4 wheeled scooter is designed by keeping kids in mind. The colours and design always stand out from the rest, making its way into the list of top rated kids scooters. The colour used in this scooter undoubtedly stands the test of time.

How Your Kid Can Benefit From This Top Rated Kids Scooter

With features out of the way, let’s now discuss how your kid can benefit from EVO 3 Wheeled Mini Cruiser Scooter. There is a reason why so many parents, while looking for top rated kids scooters, buy the EVO 3 wheeled scooters for their kid. This scooter provides the kids with various benefits; some of them are mentioned below.

· Learning Balance

Kids can start the scooter by simply kicking it. The controlling can only be done with the help of your kid’s balance. The act of using a scooter promotes

coordination between different parts of your kid’s body. This is especially crucial when your kid is learning balance and control.

· Development of Motor Skills

Development of motor skills in your kid allows him to be more creative and independent. Scooters can train and improve the motor skills of your kid in his early childhood and adds up all the skills your kid learns over time.

· Builds Confidence

Riding on 3 wheeled scooters is easy to learn for the kids. The kid’s confidence increases after knowing that he can control a scooter. Confidence is beneficial for the kids and helps them learn other skills with concentration.

· Learning about Safety

Kids need proper protective gear -like a helmet- to ride the scooter safely. Kids can learn the importance of keeping themselves safe by regularly doing this.

· It’s fun!

Your kid will love the freedom this scooter can provide him with. So, we can say that this 3 wheeled scooters can teach your kid some essential skills while also providing him with a fun activity to do.

Some Alternatives

Here are some alternatives to the EVO 3 Wheeled Mini Cruiser Scooter. These are too, classified as top rated kids scooters.

1. Micro Mini Original

A micro mini is a great option for the kids between the age of 2 to 5 years. This stable 3 wheeled scooter comes in a myriad of different colours to choose from. The wheels are smooth, so, they won’t leave marks on the floor even when used indoors. This uses the lean-to-steer function, which helps your kid easily learn to control the scooter.

This lightweight scooter is easy to control and carry around. Brakes used in this scooter is also good, and ensure a smooth stop.

2. Globber Primo

Globber primo is a great 3 wheeled scooter to each the kids. The scooter has a special button that locks the steering in place, and this proves very useful when your kid is still learning. Expandable handlebars make sure that the scooter is adjusted according to your kid’s age and preference. The bottom is also made of sturdy steel. This scooter is available in various different colours. However, the pink one is the most popular option for girls.

This scooter is suitable for kids from 2 to 6 years old. The excellent braking mechanism is used to keep your kid safe.

3. Micro Mini 3 in 1

The micro mini 3 in 1 in just an extension of the regular micro mini. Different settings are used for kids of different ages.

In the youngest setting, it can accommodate a kid of just 1 year with its toddler seat attached. As your baby grows up, the setting is changed accordingly. Finally,

this scooter converts into the original micro mini. The micro mini can be used by kids of up to 5 years of age.

Some Safety Tips

Before buying any 3 wheeled scooters for your kid, make sure you follow these safety tips to keep your kid safe.

· Buy a CPSC approved helmet for your kid to keep him safe. Don’t only look for the aesthetics when buying a helmet. This will keep your kid safe in case of any fall (God forbid).

· Insist your kid on wearing the helmet whenever they ride the scooter. This will help build a habit that’ll keep him safe when riding the scooter.

· Only buy the scooter that is suitable for your kid’s age. The age guidelines are there to keep your kid safe. Don’t try to save money on the cost of your kid’s safety.

· Keep the smaller, disassembled parts of the scooter away from your kid’s reach. These parts are tempting for the kids, so, they might try to put them in their mouth. It can be very dangerous. So, always assemble the scooter away from the eyes of your kid.

· Always keep in mind that top rated kids scooters are always approved by safety boards and are according to safety standards.

Final Verdict

So, the final decision on whether the EVO 3 wheeled mini cruiser scooter is worth buying or not? According to top dog babies, and our valuable customers’ experiences and reviews, the answer is undoubtedly YES.

If you want a reasonably priced baby products with safety features and accessories, do check our store for more products. All the other scooters listed on our website are few of the top rated kids scooters.

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