Your Guide To Purchasing Your Baby Cot

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A Guide to Purchasing Your Baby Cot

Welcome to our guide on purchasing your baby cot.

Admit! If you’re more than excited to meet your baby! But at the same time, you’re a bit concerned about the process of creating your baby’s nursery. You thought about everything, including the wall print, the height chart, the toys, and stopped at choosing a baby cot. Indeed, this might seem a challenging task, but in reality, it is simple to select the best baby cot. All you have to do is take into account the following tips. Let’s see how to discover the perfect baby cot, no matter if you’re thinking about a Moses basket or not!


The first thing you need to consider in your journey of buying a baby cot is that there are several designs from which you can choose. The main characteristics you will have to decide upon are:

  1. Adjustable mattress heights for cots – most of the products on the market have an adjustable mattress which means that you can use the cot as your baby grows up as you can drop the base down for ease of access. And if you have space, it is highly recommended to settle for a product such as Caprio Adjustable Height Cot Baby to Toddler Bed.
  2. Storage – many baby cots models come with under-bed storage which can be helpful if you lack the space to store baby supplies. As an example, you have this Ivory Cot Bead with drawers.
  3. Cot-top changer – this is an individual changing unit that might be included in your cot set. It comes with a changing mat and can help you save a lot of space, too.
  4. Travel cots – this is an excellent addition if your family is used to travel a lot. A travel cot represents the foldable version of a standard baby cot. It is lightweight and user-friendly, allowing you to use it on the go whenever needed.

Baby Cot Mattresses

An essential step in your process of purchasing a baby cot is mattress selection. First of all, this needs to fit the cot correctly. Secondly, the gap between the mattress and the cot shouldn’t be more significant than 4 cm, which is a safety measure and prevents your baby from getting stuck. Also, you should seek for a mattress that has:

  1. A BSI BSEN 716:2008 (this ensures it meets all current safety standards);
  2. Slatted sides;
  3. Features that might aid you in case of a bad back, such as drop sides or distinct heights.

And you can always consider a fancy Moses Basket, Of course, you will use a Moses Basket when your baby is a newborn, but we can say with certainty that this is the best space for a baby to sleep in his first few months. You can select one with a cotton cover for maximum comforts, such as this White Wicker Moses Basket.

If your cot doesn’t come with a changing mat, you should get one

When setting up the nursery, you shouldn’t overlook this simple item. It might seem like an unnecessary expense at first. Still, you will soon discover that a changing mat can increase safety for your baby when you change him. As such, you can opt for a changing mattress, such as the Welcome to the World Contour. It is so comfortable that your baby will love it. Besides, it follows all the safety standards and protects your baby at all times.

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